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No Win No Fee* Bournemouth

No Win No Fee* for the residents of Bournemouth. If you have been injured in the last three years. We can help you.

Accident Claims Bournemouth

Have you been involved in accident that was not your fault? If yes speak to the experts today about getting the compensation you deserve.

No Win No Fee* Christchurch

We don't only help the residents of Bournemouth we can help you with no win no fee*if you live in Christchurch or surrounding areas of Dorset.

Involved in a personal injury in the last three years?

Call us today on 01202 065 848 to speak to the experts and begin your claim.

Have you been involved in accident or suffered a personal injury that was not your fault? If so speak to the experts today on 01202 065848. We have helped secure 1000’s of people the compensation they deserve and we want to help you.

Our team of personal Injury solicitors for Bournemouth are here for local people and also cover the surrounding areas including Dorset and Poole.

We are experts in personal injury and have worked with people in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas for many years. We believe in taking a personal approach to your personal injury claim as we work with you on your claim form start to finish. Our approach differs from others as you will be assigned an individual solicitor who will manage your case throughout your claim. Unlike other firms locally we do not have account management layers so when you want to discuss your claim you will be dealing directly with your personal solicitor.


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Have you been involved in accident but unsure if you are entitled to compensation? We understand that sometimes it’s not crystal clear if you have a valid claim or who is at fault for the injury that you have suffered. This is why we offer a no obligation free consultation to all new and existing clients to give you expert advice about your potential claim before you go any further.

How has your personal injury affected you?

The consequences of being injured our different for every client and we will take the time to understand exactly how you have been affected as an individual. We will discuss your injury with you in detail so that we can understand how it has affected you financially. What have the implications been on your daily life? When building your claim we want to ensure that you are compensated for the injury you have suffered and the only way we can do that is by ensuring we completely understand your individual circumstances. If you want a personal approach to your injury or accident claim you are in the best place. As personal injury solicitor for Bournemouth we can’t change what’s happened but we can get things put right.

Personal Injury Solicitors Bournemouth Can Help You

We have secured tens of thousands of pounds for our clients and we want to help you get the compensation you deserve.  Many of our clients are very nervous and unsure of the costs that could be incurred when making a personal injury claim. After their initial consultation they have told us their minds are settled because of the transparent approach we take with our clients. When you work with us you will be kept up to date on how your claim is moving forward and the different stages will be explained to you. You have been through enough already and we want to make claiming for compensation as straight forward as possible.

In some situations our clients felt they did not have the financial resources to enable them to claim for compensation against a large organisation or local authority. These thoughts are all valid concerns and this is one of the main reasons that we offer No Win No Fee* Bournemouth. This means that the cost of your claim does not have to worry you. It also allows our personal injury solicitors to get the job done without financial pressure for you as our client. Your injury claim is our number one priority.

When you call our team to discuss your claim for compensation we can start handling your case on your behalf. You will be appointed an experienced personal injury solicitor. They will manage your claim from start to finish, their job is to get the best possible result for you.

When your injury solicitor is managing your case they will work with you to support you in any involvement that you need to have. This predominantly involves filling in forms in preparation of your claim etc. You will have a dedicated member of our team looking after you so if you need help at any point of your claim you have the answers and support within easy reach. You may be asked to go for additional medical examinations to build up your case profile and have your injury’s assessed by a medical expert. This is to make sure that when we are claiming for your compensation you are getting the correct amount of money to cover long term and short term loss.

We want to ensure that our team deal with every case with the highest sensitivity and professionalism at all times. Our ethos is to make the whole process as straight forward for the client as possible. We appreciate you have already been through a lot of turbulence in your life due to your personal injury and we do not want to add to your stress in any way.

We deal with all types of Personal Injury compensation claims we have provided more information on the more common types of injury below.

Our Ethos

Our ethos of having a straight forward clear professional approach to you and your accident claim should be visible at every stage of your dealings with us. We are the professionals in this area and want to make sure you receive the best service and outcome possible ensuring this stage of your personal injury is a positive experience.

We have helped clients from all walks of life after suffering a varied array of personal injuries that were not their fault. Personal injury law is one of the most varied divisions of law as no two claims or injuries are the same. They all have different factors that led to your accident and we will take the time to understand your case as an individual. There are dedicated pages on this website that personal injury solicitors for Bournemouth can help you with. Not all types of claims are listed because there are so many different types. If you have been injured and it was not your fault you can call us today and discus your claim with our team who will be able to explain the options available to you.

We also cover Dorset and Poole and the surrounding areas; we want to help people all along the south coast. We can restore your finances and make sure you are compensated correctly after being involved in an injury or accident that was not your fault. If you live within the south coast speak to one of our accident claims team and see what we can do for you.

We have a team of experienced professionals that are ready to talk to you seven days a week. This gives you flexibility to be able to speak to us when it suits you. When you call through and speak to our team they will explain the No Win No Fee* option in more detail. They will also take information of your claim and if you are happy with us they can put the wheels in motion to begin the process.

Call Today & Start Your Claim For Compensation

Call us today to begin your claim for compensation with a personal injury solicitor for Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. Our aim is to get you the compensation you deserve after being involved in a personal injury or accident that was not your fault.

*other costs could be payable