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Accountancy Trends

Nigel Sharland, and I have had over 30 years of experience in the field of accountancy. In fact, I own an accountancy service NR Sharland & Co in Bournemouth, London. I have interacted with many clients and businesses ranging from medium to small and have dealt with many cases successfully.


Like any field out there, the winds in the field of accountancy are changing and it is high time that we start to adopt with it. Here are the main trends that I have noticed.




While technology has doubtless seeped into our communication with the clients, with e-mails and telephone talks being common, there have been other advancements as well. Social media, cloud has recently started to revolutionize the way we deal with clients and customers. In the competitive world, it is even more important to maintain the right communication level with the customers, to not only avoid misunderstandings, but also keep the customers satisfied and coming back for more deals and help.


Data storage on the cloud system is becoming more common and here in the UK, it is seeing a huge rise in popularity. Safety and convenience are some of the main reasons people prefer cloud.





Gone are those days when everything was done manually. With rapid advance in technology, automation in the field of accountancy will take centre stage and will replace a lot of manual tasks in the future. These automation processes will all be mostly concentrated behind the scenes and on the surface they will appear almost like magic. Reading and storing data, counting numbers, could all soon become completely automated.



Decentralized software


Decentralization is something that is doubtless coming to the forefront. All-in-one software are becoming increasingly common in the market and as such the versatility of tasks is increasing. Integrations of various tasks are becoming more and more common, various apps are being developed which could offer quick solutions to long-standing problems.



While there are many trends that will doubtless come up in the future, the above are some of the trends that are ruling the market. It is essential that we adopt to these technologies while still maintaining a human touch in order to successfully continue onward with our careers. A lot of developments still wait in accountancy and I’m glad to be able to witness it.


Thanks For Reading


Nigel Sharland


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