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Have you been treated recently by a medical professional in Bournemouth and as a result suffered an injury or your health has been effected? If your injury was made worse by medical negligence, you sustained another injury or contracted an illness because of their actions, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

When does it class as a medical injury?

Your injury would be seen as a medical injury if you suffered the injury or it was caused by the actions of a health professional. A health professional is someone in a position of authority and trust they can work privately such as private doctor’s nurse’s dentist’s cosmetic surgeons or they can be employed by the NHS such as pharmacist’s doctor’s nurses and paramedics.

We have met with many clients over our years when helping the local residents of Bournemouth who felt they were unable to make a compensation claim against their doctor and the NHS. We have shown them that this is incorrect and got many of these individuals successful compensation amounts paid to them after they contacted us for an initial no obligation consultation to discuss their medical negligence claim.

If your medical injury in Bournemouth caused in the last three years, call us and see how we can help you get your finances back on track. After suffering this type of injury, make sure that you are compensated for the medical negligence of the health professional in question.

How We Can Help You Claim For Medical Negligence

When working with our team of solicitors for Bournemouth, you will be guided from start to finish through your claim. We have built our reputation on providing a seamless and stress-free approach to making personal injury claims. We work in a transparent manner that allows our clients to be confident in the fact that when they have suffered a serious injury, they are in the safe hands of a professional team working relentlessly to get them what they rightfully deserve.

Your health is the number one priority and when somebody is working on you and already incurred injuries or a health issue they should be carrying out their duties with the upmost respect and care for your short term and long term health. If this is not done it can have huge implications as an individual in the present and the future. When we match you with an individual personal injury solicitor to help you with your case they will want to understand how they can ensure that your long term health needs have been effected and the financial provisions are put in place.

No Win, No Fee Medical Negligence Compensation

We also offer No Win No Fee* this gives our clients financial piece of mind when making their claim for compensation. We can offer this service on all types of claims, including medical negligence. It is not available to everyone and there is more details on our No Win No Fee* page that shows how and when we can offer this all the advantages to you as a client.

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