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At Accident Claims Bournemouth we specialise in claiming compensation for the residents of Bournemouth who have been injured. We can help you claim damages on a No Win, No Fee* basis, no matter where you were injured on your body. We have helped our clients recover financially from minor hand injuries to traumatic brain injury. We also seek to get our clients the care required to return to normalcy.

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Is My Type of Personal Injury One You Can Help Me seek Compensation for?

As long as the injury sustained wasn’t your fault, we can help. There is a long list of injury types our solicitors have experience in helping our clients claim compensation for in Bournemouth.

Head Injuries

If you or someone you love has suffered a head injury, our experts at Accident Claims Bournemouth can help you claim compensation. Such injuries can potentially cause all manner of life altering problems that we can help you financially prepare for.

Brain Injury & Brain Damage

Few things are as serious as a brain injury. We help the residents of Bournemouth who have been affected by brain injuries claim the compensation they require to deal with the fallout of their personal injury.

Face & Eye Injury

Injuries to the face, whilst considered as just cosmetic injuries, can have a drastic effect on a person’s life. Damage to sensory organs, like an eye injury or losing an ear, can rid someone of many of life’s joys. Whereas as facial scarring can leave someone with little to no confidence. If you have suffered a face injury, our team at Accident Claims Bournemouth will treat your case with the utmost seriousness and empathy.

Back Injury & Spinal Damage

Even if after a back injury that was not your fault you feel fine, there can be hidden complications that can cause long-term discomfort. We can help the people of Bournemouth with all manner of injuries, from bruising to spinal cord damage, seek access to compensation that reflects their needs with our panel of solicitors.

Neck Injuries

The neck is a vulnerable part of the body, and like the back, injuries to it can cause impediments for the whole body. We can help you claim personal injury compensation for all manner of neck injuries sustained in Bournemouth, from cuts and bruises to damaged vertebrae and paralysis.

Shoulder Injury

An injured shoulder can cause all manner of complications for a person’s general wellbeing, potentially stripping them of their access to leisure and even work. If you have had a shoulder injury because of someone else in Bournemouth, we can provide legal representation and get you the personal injury compensation you deserve.

Chest Injuries

The chest contains most of the crucial organs required to keep our bodies ticking along. Any damage to the chest/torso area could lead to further obstacles in the person’s health. If you have suffered a chest injury in Bournemouth, our solicitor panel will help you claim the maximum compensation for your circumstances.

Injuries to the Arms, Elbows, Hands or Fingers

Any injury sustained to our arms is enough to make life tough, continuously so in the case of amputations. Our team at Accident Claims Bournemouth make sure to consider any injury to any part of the arm, be it the elbow, hand, wrist or finger, is compensated in a way that considers the toll it will take on your life going forward.

Hip Injuries

A hip injury can put anyone out of commission, regardless of their age. At Accident Claims Bournemouth, we handle any and all case of hip damage. We will make sure that your compensation award reflects the severity and long-term ramifications of your injury.

Injuries to the Leg, Knee, Foot or Ankle

As we all know, any restrictions to our movement are bothersome at best. If you have experienced an injury to any part of your leg that you weren’t at fault for, our team at Accident Claims Bournemouth could seek damages for you. We’ll make sure to consider any lasting impact of an injury to your leg, knee, foot, ankle or toes when calculating your compensation.

Internal Organ Damage

Damage to any organ can upset the delicate functioning of the human body in many serious ways. If you have suffered organ damage from an accident or from medical negligence, our team of solicitors for Bournemouth can help you seek compensation and the care you need to recover, or to accommodate to a new way of living.


Paralysis, however it is brought on, is something that scares everyone. The inability to function on your own, regardless of the level of paralysis, is stressful and demeaning – we all want to maintain our autonomy. If you or someone you love has become paralysed through no fault of their own, our team at Accident Claims Bournemouth will help you claim compensation and seek the care needed to manage this delicate situation long-term.

Lung Disease

Even though lung diseases are not strictly a personal injury, our panel solicitors for Bournemouth can help you if a disease has been contracted through working conditions and/or exposure to substances like Asbestos. We can help you claim compensation you need to make your lung disease manageable.

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