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Why People Prefer No Win, No Fee Compensation

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With no win no fee* you don’t have to worry about the cost of your court case its simple you don’t win you don’t pay. So when you do pay your claim has been successful there is legislation that protects you from paying any more than 25% of the value of the successful claim so you know that a minimum you will be receiving 75% of your claim value.

Our team of No Win No Fee* solicitors are experienced in helping clients in this way and have many years of experience getting our clients successful claim using this service. No Win no fee comes as standard with many personal injury teams across the Uk. It can increase workloads for the teams as it has done over the years with us as it is making the option to claim easier for the general public so we have adapted our business model to cater with the increasing demands that this service offers.

You can see our company’s overall score using the fefo button at the bottom of the site. Many of our clients recommend friends and family if they have also been unfortunate to suffer a personal injury in the last three years that was not their fault. We believe this is testament just too how happy our customers are when they work with us. Especially when a successful claim is made on their behalf. We will show you how we get you the best amount available from your claim and what a claim can involve when you are using this service. Call today on 01202 147 438^.


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